Eclecsia's Log of Adventurers

Read here the words of those that have passed before you:

Tuesday, 4 April 2000 at 2:38:50pm EDT
Name: PUnk -- Email:

Hey Jeff! haha... :) ive finally visited that noise making thing in the room haha... maybe i can flip ping it or something and make it shut up for good :) or not b/c i have no idea how to do that or what exactly it would do :) anyway, i should probably be studying right now, so ill have to check out your web-site for a few minutes and get back to studying... :) the site looks cool so far ;]
only 23 more days and you wont have this site anymore?? :) i cant wait for summer!!! woohoo! oh yea, i have to plug soccer - SOCCER RULEZ!!! check out English Premier higlights every other monday from 1-3pm on Fox Sports Net!!!! haha...

Wednesday, 2 February 2000 at 5:36:56pm EST
Name: Sara Volk -- Email:

Hi Jeff! I'm really impressed with your web page! I am here because I have decided it is high time for me to stop avoiding computers. I wasn't sure if you'd look here or at your email first, so check that too. Talk to you later!--Sara =)

Friday, 10 December 1999 at 5:36:37pm EST
Name: Dan -- Email:

Hey Jeff, what's up with you? It's me, your old roomie, DAN... I bet you've missed me... you know, me and my wonderful, friendly and rich personality. HA. Anywho, how are you doi ng? I'm bored so I decided to swing by your happy page and see what was new... nothing.
Hey, put up pictures of nakid women or animals or something... or not. Allrighty, I'm bored.... see ya Jeff... have a happy blast with finals.


Wednesday, 16 December 1998 at 11:06:07am EST
Name: Dan -- Email:

Hey Jeff, what's up?? I bet you don't even read your "log of adventurers" anymore. Anywho, how are classes going for ya?? Good luck with finals.


Wednesday, 29 April 1998 at 12:38:06am EDT
Name: Dan "Da man" -- Email:

Yo Jeff... hmm hmm hmm hope you had a good trip back home... hope everything is in order.... take care... and be good, but not too good.

Anyhow, have a great summer and have a hell of a lot of fun.

Hmmm drop me some e mail everynow and then... and hope to see you next year... Oh, BTW, Nate and I were playing with the idea of getting an appartment... would you be interested???


Tuesday, 7 April 1998 at 4:19:03pm EDT
Name: Dan -- Email:

Well Jeff, all I got to say is........ CORN, nothing more, nothing less. As you might know, the whole world revolves around that one food. The most complete and nutritious source of vitamines and minerals and cianide and other weird shit that I cannot manage to remember right now. So let us rejoice in the goodness that is corn. Mushy or dry, hot or cold, with your coffee or milk (* We don't have a cow, got a Bull*) it is always good to enjoy them. Yes, so go on out and buy a Big ol' bag o corn today before it runs out.

( sung to the Slinky tune)
You can chew it in layers, dress it in underpants, or shove it into your throat.
A thing a thing a marvelous VEGETABLE.
Everyone knows it's CORN.
It's CORN, it's CORN.
It's yellow, it's hard and it blows.
It's CORN it's CORN,
It's fun for a girl and a boy, it's fun for a girl and a boy.

(CORN from your FARM PRODUCTS association, batteries not included, *That would be pretty dumb to include batteries in a bag of corn*)

Saturday, 6 December 1997 at 5:19:56pm EST
Name: Mike -- Email:

Nice pictures

Tuesday, 2 December 1997 at 8:28:29pm EST
Name: Funk -- Email:

Hey Hosk!!! Thought I'd just take the time to wish you good luck with your finals and shit. I know that I seem to have way too many, but then again, that's just the bane of biochemisty majors. Oh well. I hope things are going well. E-MAIL ME!!! Latter. Funk

Tuesday, 2 December 1997 at 3:43:05am EST
Name: Brad (again)

Before I go, I must remind you that all of this "Plane of *" stuff reminds me of that cult in california that sacrificed themselves to the comet. Don't you go down that path jeffy :)

Tuesday, 2 December 1997 at 3:35:22am EST
Name: Brad Reynolds -- Email:

Ecclesia means gathering, maybe you transposed some letters? ysdlexia maybe? Hmm, good to see another fine face from mentor going to a real school (BTW, you are the only one going to a real school, case is merely a pseudo-real school.. a pretender if you will)

Anyways, enough waxing philosophical. Take care oh keeper of the decathlon faith :).

Tuesday, 4 November 1997 at 10:16:44pm EST
Name: Elizabeth Hodes -- Email:

Hi Jeff! How are you? Funk gave me the address of your webpage and I thought I'd check it out. It's pretty impressive, althought the name is a little strange, but it works. So how are things at U of M? I bet you still don't start your homework until 3am! Everything here is okay. I finally have a major-English! Not as exciting as the fact that Adam Sandler is coming here this weekend, I know:-) Well, I better stop my procrastinating! :-)'s,

Thursday, 30 October 1997 at 4:07:55pm EST
Name: Jenny -- Email:

Hey Jeff - I am very impressed with your homepage. Now if you would just spend this much time on your Calculus imagine how well you would do!!!!

Later, Jenny

Monday, 27 October 1997 at 8:58:54am EST
Name: Funky -- Email:

I'm still not sure how the hell you came up with the name. To me, it sounds like the name of some butter product with only two strands of hydrocarbons. (Gotta love chemistry). Anyway, are you stressing? Yesterday, I just saw Rocky! It was so cool. I wish you could have gone. Everybody needs to see rocky. Anyway, right now, although I'm caught up in a lot of my classes, I'm still about 120 pages behind in Literature and Culture, the core crap I have to take. Oh well, I think I'll do the unspeakable and skip in order to try to catch up. Besides, last time, I couldn't do anything and felt so stupid. Oh well. Throw them into Organic and lets see them float. Talk to ya latter.


Monday, 29 September 1997 at 1:43:19pm EDT
Name: Daniel figueredo -- Email:

Hey Jeff, I had found your page. I had nothing to do so I decided to write on your sign in book. See ya .

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