You can be a Winner at the Game of Life

Welcome to our page devoted to John Conway's Game of Life (JCGoL). Invented by mathematician John Horton Conway, the Game of Life is a simulation of life on the cellular level. The playing field is made up a an infinite grid of cells. Each cell has 2 possible states: alive or dead. Through 3 simple transition rules, shapes and complex designs are formed from simple clusters of cells. The 3 rules are:

* A dead cell is reborn if it has exactly 3 neighbors
* A living cell remains alive if it has 2 or 3 neighbors
* A living cell dies if it has less than 2 or more than 3 neighbors

There has been an amazing amount of research done, some even recently, into this game. Our research was concerned with its relationship to Chaos theory and other branches of science. If you don't know what chaos theory is, go here right now! We'll wait!

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The group that investigated this was made up of Jeff Hoskinson, Sara Volk, Missy DeMaison, and Sarosh Anjum, with assistance from Kevin Tloczynski.

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